APbus2 / APbus8


Technical features
  • Nominal voltage: 12 volts
  • Operating voltage: 9-16 volts
  • Absorption: 17mA AP-BUS8/16mA AP-BUS2
  • Operating temperature: 0° a 40° C
  • Dimensions: 77×51 AP-BUS8/51×37 AP-BUS2
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8 zone (APbus-8) or 2 zone (APbus-2) expansion cards for AP64 and AP128 control panels. Can be connected via 4-wire cable (2 x 12 volts power and 2 data) on the RS 485 serial line. Line is protected in case of short circuit or cut cable.
Programmable inputs to operate both single and double-balanced with a 10 Kohm resistor.
In case of a short circuit on the inputs, a tamper alarm cycle is generated in the panel.
The double-balanced configuration allows you to simultaneously handle the two Alarm and Tamper contacts provided on sensors, with the use of two cables and two balancing resistors.
It is also possible to modify the operation of the first 4 inputs (for APbus-8) to manage the fast sensors for cord-shutters of the “Switch-Alarm” type fast sensors for card roll-up shutters.

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